Taking on the Summer (How to Avoid Being Stuck in Your Bed All Day)

I’m notorious for crashing and burning the minute school is out and I’m left with too much free time. Here’s how I *attempt* to make the most of my summers.

  1. Make a schedule and stick to it. Go to bed and get up at roughly the same times. One of my biggest issues is that I dissolve into a puddle of melancholy and negative coping mechanisms when I don’t have a schedule. I don’t like that I need a schedule, but the reality is that I do need some structure to my day. So I try to loosely plan my days. I decide what I want to get accomplished on each day and then I try to make it happen.
  2. Make lists. Make lists of adventures you want to take, tasks you have to complete, people you want to spend time with, things that cheer you up when you’re down. Making lists and then crossing things off will give you a sense of accomplishment. And when you’re having a low day, you have a whole list of activities to choose from!
  3. Do one thing each day that makes you feel like life is worth living. Maybe that’s going to the pool, or cuddling with a pet. For me it’s often getting out into nature (even if it’s just the backyard) or trying something new. It doesn’t have to be big- sometimes just cleaning my bedroom makes me feel powerful and in control of my life. This will help stave off that sinking regret you feel when you see your friends’ wild and crazy Instagram photos of their summer vacations.
  4. Don’t compare your summer to someone else’s. This is really, really hard, but really, really important. I struggle with this one a lot. Sure, their summer looks perfect, but what’s fun for them may not be fun for you, no matter how hard you try. We each have a different perfect summer. Customize yours to you, not to the life you wish you had. Otherwise you’ll end up jealous and sad. Trust me, I’ve been there. I wish I were a beach babe, but I’m really more of a muddy sandals and sunburn kind of girl and it’s high time I embraced it.

As always, what works for me may not work for you, but you’ll never know until you try! I hope all of you can take your summers by storm and make them what you want them to be. Here’s to Summer2k15!

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